Study Participants

You are free to decide not to participate in any or all of our research studies. You can also withdraw at any time without harming your relationship with the researchers or the University of Nebraska—Lincoln or the associated funding agencies. You have the right to ask questions about any survey and to have those questions answered. If you have questions, you are encouraged to contact one of the lead project investigators (please see list of contacts below).

Sometimes study participants have questions or concerns about their rights. In that case you should contact the University of Nebraska—Lincoln Institutional Review Board at (402) 472-6965 or

Your participation is voluntary and you may decline to respond to any or all questions. There are no known direct risks or benefits to your participation. Results of research will be reported in aggregate.

In-person Angler Surveys

Project Lead Investigator: Kevin Pope, 402-472-7028,

In-person Hunter Surveys

Web-based Hunter and Angler Surveys

Project Lead Investigator: Chris Chizinski, 402-472-8136,

Windshield Surveys at Valentine National Wildlife Refuge

Project Lead Investigator: Kevin Pope, 402-472-7028,