Hunter Surveys

In 2014, the Nebraska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at the University of Nebraska, working with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, initiated a three year study exploring how hunters use public lands in Nebraska. Public lands are seen as increasingly important to hunters, but little is known about how hunters use public properties or why.

Throughout the hunting season University staff will be interviewing hunters at Wildlife Management Areas, Waterfowl Production Areas, or private lands enrolled in the Open Fields and Waters program across the state. Orange clade staff will approach hunters as they leave the field to ask a series of questions focused on understanding what hunters are pursuing and what motivated them to choose a particular property. Questions hunters may encounter while in the field include: "What was the primary species you were hunting for today?" and "What is the primary reason you chose to hunt at this site today?".

Findings from this research will help Nebraska Game and Parks and other agencies which mange public properties in Nebraska better understand what public hunting opportunities are important to Nebraska’s hunters. Working with hunters, agencies can better manage public properties to provide hunting opportunities and direct future acquisitions or leases of public properties to meet the needs of Nebraska’s hunters.