Statewide Creel Surveys

Creel surveys are being conducted on Calamus Reservoir, Harlan County Reservoir, Lake McConaughy, Lewis and Clark Lake, Merritt Reservoir, and Sherman Reservoir April through October 2009–2013.

These surveys provide continuation to long-term (>10–20 years) data sets that are valuable for assessment of temporal changes in angler participation. In particular, these extended data sets will allow for relational assessments of changes in angling participation with environmental conditions and management actions on large-scales.

In addition to the long-term assessments, creel surveys are being conducted at numerous smaller reservoirs. Effectively sampling smaller waterbodies is logistically difficult—there are fewer anglers to contact, which creates statistical issues due to small sample size. Small reservoirs to be sampled at least one year during this study include the Fremont Lakes, TaHaZouka Park Lake, Gracie Creek Pond, Willow Creek State Recreation Area, Skyview Lake, Cottonmill Lake and Yanney Park Lake. These small data sets will allow assessment of current guidelines used when sampling small fisheries.